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Wangthongtang, Bangkok 10310

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TH.PICHAI is a Thai law firm representing clients in multiple areas of law. The firm is comprised of English – French speaking lawyers and is an eclectic mix of Thai national and international individuals. Our skilled and experienced lawyers are qualified experts combining their knowledge to provide clients at outstanding value for money.

TH.PICHAI Legal has helped thousand of companies from Australia, United Kingdom, United States and other nations to complete their company/business registration in Thailand efficiently and easily.

TH.PICHAI Legal enables international companies to fulfill their dream of being part of a rapidly growing economy.

Our law firm specialises in Corporate & Investment Laws, BOI Thailand, Immigration, Tax and Accounting service in Thailand, Litigation Services, Process Service of Court Papers, Private Investigation Services and Real Estate transactions.

At TH.PICHAI Legal we focus on our clients and take great pride in the fact that a high percentage of new business is gained from referrals.

TH.PICHAI Legal recognised the need for an expatriate run company based in the heart of Bangkok to offer top quality legal services to the local and expatriate community in Thailand and clients abroad. From its early beginnings, the company has established itself as a leading player in the market, with a reputation for honesty, impartiality, and fair dealing with clients, suppliers and the Thai authorities

• Legal Mission Statements

Their attorneys provide expertise in terms of the different areas of law and ... while recognizing that our principal goal is to serve our clients effectively. ... We strive to become one of the most sought-after providers of legal services in the region. ... values: * For our clients, we will work hard, provide superior legal services on a ...

• How to Take Control of Your Practice by Creating Vision and Mission

They don't have a handle on how their clients are coming to them, or what their clients are ... You can begin to craft your practice in a more purposeful way and create ... Your mission statement will also be useful for your clients – it will convey to clients ... For example, “ To provide quality legal services and practical, effective ...

• Values & Mission | People | Law Firm

We always provide something more. Our specialised services support our clients on their way to success. Their success is also our success and our pleasure.

• Resources: What should a mission statement say?

Some will say that the vision and future of the agency has to be indicated. ... that board members, staff and volunteers can effectively use to focus their efforts and to speak up ... As set forth in law, the mission is to achieve quality land management under the ... Values may include beliefs such as: "Eating vegetables is more ...

What is the cost of our service?

Our service is free, and it is entirely managed by Thai attorneys.

If you decide to call us or submit a request for legal assistance, you will speak directly to a Thai-qualified attorney.

Our attorneys will also provide you with an initial free consultation.

Such first consultation generally takes place by telephone and allows our attorneys to understand your case and your needs for legal assistance.

It will also enable you to understand whether you can work with them.

The first consultation provided by our lawyers does not constitute legal advice, which may be provided only on the basis of a thorough analysis of your case.

All services provided by our lawyers (legal research, legal advice, etc.) are subject to an estimate of fees, which is provided in writing and agreed upon with each client prior to commencement of any work.

Our service is confidential.

Any and all information which you may submit on this website will be communicated to Thai attorneys only, and will remain confidential.

favors quality and not quantity.

A real alternative to major law firms, The Lawyer charges

competitive rates for high quality legal services in English, French and Chinese.

That means that we may charge hourly rates slightly above the average rate of small firms but this will be justified by our strong involvement and commitment to deliver the best service.

During a first meeting, the client will meet the Lawyer (in Bangkok) who will introduce the firm's terms & conditions of services.

The Lawyer will also consider the best strategy that should be set up and will, to the extent possible, evaluate the global budget for the matter.

In any case, we guarantee:

• Transparency:

we always sign agreements with our clients and a record of the time spent on the case, with details of the services performed.

• Billing tailored to the needs of the client:

as a client of , you can choose the billing method which best suits you: hourly, flat-fee or success-fee. The hourly rate applied by is calculated based on the client's profile and the risk involved in the case in question, in accordance with the lawyer's code of ethics. always favours a lasting partnership, with a volume-based sliding scale of hourly rates agreed in advance.

• commits to a result:

the details of the assignment entrusted to Lawyers are specified at the beginning of the case, as are foreseeable deadlines. If the work is not performed in accordance with initial instructions, fees may be reduced. However, in the event of a successful outcome, a success fee is billed.