• Company Registration
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Tax and VAT Registration
  • Open Company Bank Account
  • Thailand Work Permit

Thailand company registration is the name reservation.

Naturally all businesses require a name, therefore you must first provide the desired name for your company along with two alternative names. The www.votredroitplus.com will then submit these to Thailand’s Ministry of Commerce. The Registrar will then verify that no similar company names have been reserved and that the name does not violate any ministerial rules.

If the desired name does not meet these requirements, the registrar will then assess the alternative names. If none of the requested names are available, you will then have to re-submit two more names. This step of Thai company registration is very simple and only requires 2-3 days to be completed.

Memorandum of Association (MOA)

Once your company name has been reserved, all shareholders must sign a Memorandum of Association (MOA). The MOA is a document which provides the names and personal information (such as contact details) for all of the company’s shareholders, as well as the company’s address (PO Box is not acceptable), registered capital, and intended scope of business activities.

Once all shareholders have signed the MOA, it may be submitted to the Ministry of Commerce along with all of the documents pertaining to the company’s registration in Thailand. The Ministry of Commerce is located within Bangkok, but if the company’s office is located outside of Bangkok province, these documents may be submitted the filing office of the province where the company is located.

Once this step of Thailand company registration is completed and processed, the Ministry of Commerce will then issue the company affidavit, certification, list of shareholders and company articles of association.

Tax and Vat registration

All documents associated with the registration of the company's Tax ID Card and Vat Certificate must be submitted to the Central Filing Office of the Revenue Department. Also, as part of the process of obtaining a VAT Certificate, you must obtain permission from the landowner of your company’s address if your company does not own the land outright.

There is one other thing to be aware of: if you intend to locate your company in a condominium unit, you may unable to do so; some condominium buildings have specific provisions with their sales agreements which prohibit the owner from using that unit as a business. Be sure to check your agreement before registering the location of your company.

Open a Thailand corporate bank account

Once the Thai company registration is completed, most companies will probably want to open a corporate bank account in Thailand. The www.votredroitplus.com will prepare the required documents and open a corporate bank account on your behalf, but the company directors must be present.

If any of the signatories for the bank account are foreigners, some banks will require each of the foreign signatories to submit a valid work permit prior to opening the account. This can be completed within a day.

Applying Thailand work permit

In order to obtain a Thailand work permit, you must first have a Non-immigrant visa. (often called a Non-B Visa)

We will assist you in the application of a Thai work permit and will submit all necessary documentation to the Department of Labor on your behalf. If submitted correctly, an application can be processed in as little as 7 days.

Further, for each foreigner working within your company, your company is required to have a registered capital of 2,000,000 THB, i.e. if you have two non-Thai working in your company, it is required to have a registered capital of at least 4,000,000 THB. However this does not mean that you need to have this amount of money to start, it is the limited liability of your Thai limited company.